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Te maravillarás con las altísimas montañas y los vastos valles cubiertos por un mar de artemisias y pinos. Sólo mira hacia arriba y verás un cielo nocturno que se extiende como un lienzo de un horizonte a otro y dibuja incontables estrellas que no podrás ver en ningún otro lugar de los Estados Unidos.

Nevada es un lugar en donde tienes la libertad de pasar la noche despierto para ver cómo la luna se eleva y desciende sobre un lago alpino o para probar tu suerte con las cartas en un animado casino. Aquí, el único límite es tu imaginación... Nevada te invita a soñar en grande y a vivir tu sueño.

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Burning Man's temple
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Burning Man, the annual festival and gathering in the Black Rock Desert, is the world’s largest temporary city.

Star-studded sky
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Find some of the darkest skies in the world here, so dark that scientists are referring to it as an “endangered resource.”

Iconic neon signs of Las Vegas
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Nevada is known as the Neon Capital of the World.

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The Hoover Dam and its surrounding landscape

Hoover Dam

Built 80 years ago, this massive construction marvel situated in Black Canyon is the highest concrete dam in the Western Hemisphere. Cross it via the walking bridge or take one of two excellent tours to learn about how the dam came to be and see its many parts in action.

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The iconic rocky terrain of Cathedral Gorge State Park

Cathedral Gorge State Park

This series of spiky-looking ravines, grooves, caves and passageways can be explored through a variety of trails, from short to long, easy to challenging. Hike to Miller’s Point on the main trail for a sweeping view of the gorge as well as the Badlands beyond.

Aerial view of the famed Las Vegas Strip

The Las Vegas Strip

The city’s dazzling strip is known for many things, but an architecture or pop culture tour bring the glitzy strip’s iconic buildings into full relief. Learn about the design of famous resorts as well as the stories behind them on a guided bus or walking tour that fully explores the city’s architectural history.

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Lamoille Canyon stretches between the Ruby Mountains

Lamoille Canyon

This National Historic Landmark in the city of Ely offers railway fans the chance to ride a short line train on one of many themed rides. There’s also a railyard to explore, shops to peruse and a ton of events. If you want to stay longer in the railyard, that can be arranged: just take up in the Caboose overnight.

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The Great Basin National Park in autumn

Great Basin National Park

Many visitors to Great Basin National Park are as thrilled by the lack of crowds as they are by the majestic mountain terrain, cascading streams and pristine lakes. The park is home to a number of 3,000-year-old bristlecone pine trees, which are among the oldest living organisms on the planet. Also see Lehman Caves, which can only be viwed on a guided tour; Wheeler Peak, the site of Nevada’s only glacier; and Lexington Arch, a massive rock formation.

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Pristine Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe

Surrounded by the Sierra Nevada mountains, this alpine lake is the largest in North America and sets the stage for water recreation. Canoe, waterski or just jet across the deep blue expanse. Hike the Cascade Falls Trail or bike Flume Trail and spend all day exploring the wilderness around the lake.

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Virginia City’s faded Old West charm

Virginia City

This historic Boomtown city sprung up after discovery of the Comstock Lode in the mid-19th century and became a bustling silver mining town. See it as it was today, visiting museums, saloons and a historic walking trail and by embarking on a mine tour.

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Art installation near the Rhyolite Ghost Town

Rhyolite Ghost Town

Hike or climb Keystone Thrust (where walls are 910 meters high in some places) in one of the Mojave Desert’s most popular areas. Red Rock Canyon is known for its red rock sandstone peaks and variety of outdoor opportunities, including mountain biking, rock climbing, electric bike and scooter tours and guided cowboy hikes.

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U.S Route 50’s beautifully barren landscape

U.S. Route 50

Fuel up the car and take a jaunt down this highway dubbed the USA’s Loneliest Road, which runs coast-to-coast and passes through 11 states for a total of 5,100 kilometers. See mountains, deserts, forests and many more majestic landscapes as you navigate Nevada’s portion.

A drive through the Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire State Park

Nevada’s oldest state park is in the middle of the Mojave Desert and is known for its vivid red sandstone formations and spare cactus-studded landscape. Hike to the White Domes, Arch Rock or to the Beehives, all excellent representations of this natural wonder.

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